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Fashion and functional collection
Blue Versatile Leather Bag

Retail: $ 109 89.9
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This is a versatile leather bag. It can be a hobo bag, while using the extra long strap, it will turn into a fashion and convenient cross body. A featured point favored by our cusotmers is its practicality: large and at the same time with many small compartments.

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My sister was glad when she received my birthday gift this year. Do you want to know what I have given her? Honestly, every lady will feel happy and satisfied when thet receive this kind of gift. What is it? That's right. It's a leather handbag. Nowadays, I know she will become an OL in a new company. A attractive, charming handbag is necesssary. So i choose this one: Patent black elegancy
Fashion Black Patent Tote
Retail: $ 109 89.9
Wholesale 2 i: $ 84 74.9
Wholesale 5 i: $ 49 44.9
This is a cool bag from our cheap and chi handbags wholesale collection. Our Manhattan designer applies elegant tuck-ups and polished silver metal hardware to fashion its roomy patent shape.
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Handbags addicted

Handbags, how many are enough?

For who just need a bag to hold everyday essentials, one is enough.

For who really love handbags, there are no limited quantities. I have once officially claimed to my friends that one handbag for me is enough, yet I feel I regret saying that, because I have tens of leather handbags which I only collect in my house. And this is one of my favorite. Just a share with girls who like handbags.


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