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The TV series Gosspic Girl is overwhelmingly received by the young people around the whole world. Leatherhandbags4sure now offers the golden chance for all ladies to get the similar look as the major charactors in the show. What are you waiting for? Grab a bag to become the next “gossip girl”!

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Erin Wasson: black lace and purse
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Erin Wasson: black lace and purse

The fashionist who discovered lace is great person. Clothes, dresses, pants, etc. made of lace chowcase feminity and temperament to the very most. That's exactly we see on Erin Wasson in black lace dress. And actually adding a black designer purse does not bring too much fun, but seems a little "bellfat".
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Coach Dog Carrier
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Coach Dog Carrier

Of course I am a dog lover. But I still find it buying an expensive Coach dog carrier is too much for me. The Coach Dog Carrier is no doubt made with designer love but seems over-logofied. The side mesh window with buckle closure is exactly where I would hide, you know, mu dog will take these as its toys and keep playing and that will easily worn out. They why should I bother buying a dear handbag for a dog tearing it?
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Black croc-embossed handbag from Jennifer Aniston
Surely this Black croc-embossed handbag has been seen many times and in quite a few occasions toting by Jennifer Aniston. It certainly makes a great outfit for a celebrity like Jennifer. It's a glossy look with roomy space enough to hold all daily essentials.

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A similiar hot style handbag
I use an example of Miroslava Duma, a Russian teen girl for showing what's on the trend, not convincing enough?

I'd say, if only one celebrity totes a stylish bag, if she is not hot enough, that certainly not a hot enough handbag. But what if the most talked fashion icons also wear a similar style. That certainly is a hot style. And should be a long term style. Look what we have here!
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Victoria_Beckham_2542-silver_INT 拷贝
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