handbag for New Year
One American fashion icon once said,Fashion is for the soul.I couldn't agree more.
As the New Year is drawing near,I decided to buy something to cheer myself up.And I chose a pure red croc-embossed leather bag.The enthusiastic style wth tassels is very Bosimiya.And it spreads kind of low keyed feelings of elegance.Hope it will bring me a sweet romance in the begining of 2009

red croc berlin 4sure
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Deep Reason Why Ebags UK Close

Last week when I was in UK visiting customer as usual, lots of people in the handbag wholesale / trade industry are talking about Ebags UK closing down liquidation thing.

Lots of them are considering buying the surplus stock of Ebags UK, or the customer data base of Ebags UK. And some of them do search in the google or through industry contacts, to see if these are available in the market sale.

Apart from this, lots of them are wondering why Ebags UK close down, as in their memory Ebags UK were well established. Most of people declare this to the economic reception, but I think there some deeper reasons are behind, which I am going to state below.

If we look at the supply chain of bags sold by Ebags UK:

Manufactures (possibly in China) -----Brand companies like Kipling-----Ebags UK-----End Users

You will find this is a long chain while everybody (especially middle man with big overhead) is taking many parts of profits. This leads to the big markup in pirce. Normally as my 20 years experience in handbags industry, a leather handbags factory price is around 40-50 usd, when it is sold by Ebags UK, it goes up to 150-200 usd, which means times 3-4.

Let us look at the supply chain of Ebags UK’s competitors, like what we find out these days lots of manufacturers (some of them are from China or Hong Kong) are selling bags on Ebay, directly to end users with very low price, here is what their supply chain is like:

Manufacture (possibly in China)-----End User

Even if there is high express fee, but still profitable.

So to conclude, economy crisis is only the triggerhttp://leatherhandbags4sure.com/UploadFiles/200812/20081226080240609.jpg , unreasonable and over-long supply chain is the deep reason why Ebags UK close down and liquidation.

Bill Daniel, from Leatherhandbags4sure.com
(Senior observer, years experience in handbag manufacture industry )
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New Year gift for my sister
butterfly clutch

My sis is a big fan and collector of designer handbags. So far she's got 3 from Marc Jacobs, 1 from 3.1 Phillip Lim. That's of course very few compared with big celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, etc. Ordinary people like us can afford that expensive bags. And I am always for cheap bags, rather than designer handbags. But to cater her addiction, I bought her this bag. It only cost couple of dollars. Surprisingly, my sis loves it! She even thinks it is better than many designer handbags! Hey, I'm flattered. Of course I have taste.
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Paris Style handbag
Most women seen in Paris have perfect mix of ladylike and laid-back.

And if you stroll in the Paris street, you will likely to enjoy such Parisian looks. And these women all dressed a style you want to take a turn back head to look a again. See? Long sleek verall coat with tasteful scarf, and usually causal but intriguing hair, and a designer handbag, usu. leather made. Paris women love such convenient yet tasteful outfits. Nothing more.

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Black croc-embossed handbag from Jennifer Aniston
Surely this Black croc-embossed handbag has been seen many times and in quite a few occasions toting by Jennifer Aniston. It certainly makes a great outfit for a celebrity like Jennifer. It's a glossy look with roomy space enough to hold all daily essentials.

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A fashionable diaper bag
Don't be surprised, but this is a diaper bag! Wow!

Diaper bags can be fashionable, too! This terrific diaper bag is made of shiny patent leather, exterior are patterned with diamond shapes. It comes with a detachable bottle holder, plus a changing pad and have lots of pockets to keep Moms organized as well as stylish.

Moms, take one for yourselves!
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A similiar hot style handbag
I use an example of Miroslava Duma, a Russian teen girl for showing what's on the trend, not convincing enough?

I'd say, if only one celebrity totes a stylish bag, if she is not hot enough, that certainly not a hot enough handbag. But what if the most talked fashion icons also wear a similar style. That certainly is a hot style. And should be a long term style. Look what we have here!
celebrity handbag
Victoria_Beckham_2542-silver_INT 拷贝
red croc berlin 4sure

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Marc Jacobs: Feeling my big heart
It will be so difficult for us to forget this series of Big heart Marc Jacobs leather handbags. These smart designed handbags are objects that easily bring us a sentimental feeling. These bag declare that no matter how strong and tough a woman is, even a top CEO of the Fortune 500 company, is a gentle and beloved girl. Women always tresure our love. Do you feel my big heart?

leather handbag

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Handbags addicted

Handbags, how many are enough?

For who just need a bag to hold everyday essentials, one is enough.

For who really love handbags, there are no limited quantities. I have once officially claimed to my friends that one handbag for me is enough, yet I feel I regret saying that, because I have tens of leather handbags which I only collect in my house. And this is one of my favorite. Just a share with girls who like handbags.


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Kristen Stewart’s brown leather purse

I thought the leather bag was in orange color. Then our photographer told me that it was the light made it shinier so it turned a little bit orange looking.

Anyway, it fits Kristen Stewart. Great color for her black and deep blue dressing. And actually the bag is quite simple, one of the things I like this handbag is that it is large enough to carrying everyday essentials. Well, I guess celebrities like Kristen Stewart need it cuz they do need to hold their little stuffs.
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Carrie Bradshaw: It's not a purse, it's a baguette!
There was a time that almost every lady has been influenced by Carrie Bradshaw's fashion style in Sex and the City. Still today. I think.

As a writer for Leatherhandbags4sure.com, sometimes it is bored to write about bags every day, yet most of the time it is funny. Especially knowing that i am always the first few ones to see a new line of genuine leather handbags. Yesterday, as our designer sent the latest release of handbags to me for description, there was a diamond blue purse caught my sight the moment all those bags were in my office. It just stood apart from all those gorgeous handbags. IT IS A BAGUETTE PURSE! I recalled how sad Carrie was when her Baguette was stolen. And I remember what she said about the bag "It's not a purse, it's a baguette!" Though this purse from Leatherhandbags4sure is not a Baguette brand, yet it is still stunning. Sex and the City style is back again in my life.
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Nicky Hilton: different colored bags

Nicky Hilton has tons of handbags. And almost every handbag with a different color. See this bright red leather handbag? That's a Motorcycle bag. She owns a same style yet with different colors. She has been spotted by wearing this bag (of course in different colors) for many time. Personally I prefer different styles of purses with colors like brown, black, red, etc. Most people do.
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Winter: you got to be stand out from black and grey
What's most seen in winter clothing and accessories?

Black jackets, boots, handbags etc.

I once believed that black is always trendy and goes with any color. Now I know I was wrong. So wrong.

When the world is dressed in black, we got to put on something; at least one piece of our accessories should from a different color. Like, say, red. Yes, red!

For example, when my coat, my boots and scarf are in black and grey, that's totally cool, and adding a red fashion leather handbags would be so different and shining! Like this one, I love it. I tote it whenever I dressed in something low key. My friends want it so much. And here is my hint, it's from leatherhandbags4sure.com.


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This is my favorite online shop ever: www.leatherhandbags4sure.com



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