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Mom is the most beautiful woman in the world. My mom is a housewifely lady. Every year I tried thousands of ideas to get her a perfect gift. Last year, I bought her a diamond necklace and she heartburned about the mega price. And she seldom wears it but just preserve it in a little box. I know it is a treasure for her. But what I really want is to get her something she’ll be using every day!

This year, I am gonna buy her this super lovely handbag. I know she will be loving it, because not only the quality and design is good, but the price is super cheap!! OMG, you don’t believe it, even buying 2 bags is no more than $100! Don’t even mention it’s made by 100% genuine leather!
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Only Fear is Fear Itself--- From a Witness of SARS 2003 in China
Dear all:

Fears of a global swine flu pandemic are growing with new infections in the United States, Mexico and now worldwide. Is swine flu 'the big one' or a flu that fizzles? All people are asking these questions and get concerned, including you all.

But don’t be afraid, all my colleagues in HandbagVIP.

Remember when 2003 SARS affected, all around the street, all people were warding mask, nobody dared go out, and the whole street are empty. The whole company of HandbagVIP are there at Canton Fair and with the foreign buyers who visit the fair, lower to be only 30% than past years. We were so cared and felt very depressed in the mind at the beginning.

The worse came later. I was isolated then due to fever and all the people around me in the company are scared, including me. I told myself that I was ready for any worst case. When I was in hospital I found some of the people like me died.

But finally SARS is cured and all our life go back to normal. This is due to decisive and effective action of the government. What I learned from this experience is that our social system has got enough experience in curing SARS, and we have experienced it one time so we know all will be ok by the medical treatment. Our business grows 300% after the Canton Fair, since lots of other factories & companies did not attend the show, due to the fear and lots of buyers turned to us as suppliers---some of their original suppliers went bankrupt after that actually.

Now, seems the situation happened again. We get not SARS but swine flu this time, and again HandbagVIP is now in Canton Fair. Let us be cool and calm, we are sure we can go through it. ---At the least, according to the report, best thing about swine flu, is we know what virus it is, when in 2003 we did not even knew what SARS is.

Lastly let us remember: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Bill Daniel
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